Scenic Telepresence — An innovative solution to create and broadcast your events across remote connections.

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Real-time audiovisual transmission

Scenic Telepresence

Scenic is a collaborative audiovisual telepresence tool, allowing artists and broadcasters to create and broadcast shows, immersive experiences, conferences or educational activities in many different physical spaces at once. Scenic is an audiovisual solution for recording and transmission that connects participants remotely across physical space.

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Telepresence is about audiovisual transmission in real time. With the Scenic Station, it's possible to connect standard equipment like projectors, screens, mics, speakers and consoles to receive and broadcast audiovisual streams, creating custom scenographies.

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3 acteurs sont assis autour d'une table. L'actrice du centre est sur scène et des acteurs apparaissent en projection.

A network of connected venues

A network of connected venues

Through its network of connected spaces, Scenic is bringing artists and broadcasters together to reimagine the performing arts and cultural outreach in the digital age.

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Un acteur sur scène se touche le visage. L'image d'une actrice faisant les mêmes gestes est projetée derrière lui.

Scenic: A comprehensive telepresence solution for your projects

The Station

The app

The Scenic app is a flexible and intuitive solution for real-time streaming.

The Scenic Station is a physical console equipped with several audiovisual inputs and outputs.