Efficient, open-source software
Scenic Software

Developed under the General Public License (GPLv3), Scenic is at the heart of the SAT's telepresence expertise.

Photo du spectacle Onirisme. Un technicien manipule Scenic. Une artiste est sur scène avec une harpe et des projections.

Scenic enables low-latency data exchange through an internet connection and one or several other Scenic users. Shared data, whether video, audio, or in MIDI or OSC formats, help create and develop new ways of making and broadcasting art.

Scenic Software

Real-time audiovisual transmission for events

Through its programming interface, users can generate complex signal routing and quickly assign local and remote streams to several audio and video outputs to create custom staging. A Scene mecanism allows for rapid permutations between different routing systems during a performance, and every Scenic session can be saved for future use.

Scenic Software

Compatible with MIDI, OSC and NewTek NDI® protocols, JACK and PulseAudio sound servers, Nvidia (NVENC) graphic cards and Video4Linux API supported cards, Scenic is the Swiss Army knife of the technology sector. Scenic enables livestreaming on platforms like YouTube and Twitch through Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP). Peer-to-peer sharing between Scenic users goes through User Data Protocol (UDP) and relies on SIP and STUN/TURN technologies for Network Address Translation (NAT) and NAT traversal.

Scenic Software is available at no cost to artists and technophiles interested in integrating it onto their personal hardware (Linux only).

The Scenic Station

The Scenic Station

The Scenic Station is a tool imagined and developed by the SAT. It makes the most out of the Scenic Software and represents state-of-the-art technology for telepresence in the performing arts. Several audio, video and digital inputs and outputs guarantee incredible multifunctionality, while 2 touchscreens make it easy to use and intuitive.

Au premier plan un technicien de dos manipule Scenic. En arrière plan flou on voit des participants à une activité.

The Scenic Station is designed to face the hazards of the performing arts, relying on material from trusted brands like Nvidia, Magewell, HP, Intel, Behringer, Logitech and Netgear.

It's easy to share high-definition audiovisual streams and use stage equipment (cameras, microphones, sound consoles, MIDI equipment, etc.) between venues equipped with Scenic Stations—an internet connection is all you need. The Station enables broadcasters to present events using technology on the cutting edge of digital creation, and connect with partners located hundreds of kilometres away. The Station can also be used to transmit audio and video streams on all main streaming platforms.

Technical summary

  • Double padded road case on wheels

  • 2 20” HD touchscreens

  • 3 1080p/60fps SDI video inputs

  • 1 1080p/60fps HDMI port

  • 6 HDMI 1080p/60fps video outputs

  • 16 combo XLR-¼” audio jack inputs

  • 2 ¼” audio jack inputs

  • 8 XLR audio outputs (2 main, 6 extra)

  • 1 MIDI-DIN input and 1 MIDI-DIN output

  • 1 HP computer with Intel Xeon processor and Gigabit Ethernet port

  • 1 1080p/30fps HD webcam

  • Linux operating system with customized settings

  • Scenic Software installed and configured for maximum performance