Scenic Telepresence

Create and broadcast events remotely

Le metteur en scène Julien Brun parle dans un micro devant un public. Son image est projetée derrière lui en gros plan.

Scenic Telepresence facilitates real-time exchange and interaction between separate physical locations through a virtual connection. Thanks to an immersive installation, each space bleeds into the next. Different groups can see and talk to each other as though sharing the same space, making it possible to collaborate and interact remotely. Applied to the performing arts, telepresence offers the potential to create a connected piece of art that can be broadcast through different venues, bringing artists and audiences together across space.

Scenic: A telepresence solution

Real-time audiovisual transmission

Scenic Telepresence is made possible following the development of Scenic Software by the Metalab (the SAT's R&D department). The app is loaded onto a mobile station made expressly for the performing arts. With the Scenic Station, Telepresence can connect to standard equipment like projectors, screens, mics, speakers and consoles to receive and share audiovisual streams, creating custom scenographies.

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Innovating for creation

Unleashing new creative mediums with telepresence

Deux personnes montrent un dessin à des acteurs projetés en miniature dans une maquette en carton.

Scenic invites creative communities to explore new mediums in real time, helping develop a scenic and scenographic language that make the most of the telepresence experience. Through its network of connected spaces, Scenic is bringing artists and broadcasters together to reimagine the performing arts and cultural outreach in the digital age.

Vue aérienne du dôme de la Société des arts technologiques (SAT), Montréal.

Scenic Telepresence: Technology developed by the SAT

Founded in 1996, the Society for Arts and Technology [SAT] is a non-profit organization recognized internationally for its active, leading role in developing immersive technologies, virtual reality and creative use of high-speed networks.

The Scènes Ouvertes network

The Scènes Ouvertes network

Sur scène et en projection, des participants forment deux rangées face à face. Au centre, deux personnes âgées montrent une danse.

After about ten years of research, the Scènes Ouvertes network is proud to connect 23 venues across Quebec that can create, collaborate and share their content among each other. Never before have so many venues had the same telepresence equipment on hand to create and share projects.

The Scènes Ouvertes network connection is made possible through the deployment of Scenic Stations. Developed by the SAT's research department, Metalab, these devices are mobile and come equipped with the Scenic app.

The Society for Arts and Technology is behind the program's conception, which falls under the Plan culturel numérique du Québec of the ministère de la Culture et des Communications (MCC). It strives to create a space where venues and directors can co-create, share and stage collaborative pieces.

The Society for Arts and Technology is behind Scènes Ouvertes, a project that falls under the Plan culturel numérique du Québec of the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications (MCC).

Since January 2019, the SAT was able to create a testing ground to develop its telepresence expertise for members of the Scènes Ouvertes network, thanks to support from the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications. Through this program, the SAT provides funding and support to make content specifically for telepresence. Residency exchanges are set up across the network's venues, where pieces, performances and cultural oureach activities are created and then presented to different audiences.

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